Jack Back

Plymouth Albion v Jersey 210215

By Haden Tye

Albion have signed Cornish Pirates winger Jack Arnott on a one-year-deal and the speedy winger can’t wait to return and play in front of the home crowd at Brickfields next season.

Plymouth-born Jack was previously dual-registered with Albion and Exeter Chiefs for three seasons, in which he made 44 appearances for Albion. Jack has spent the past two seasons with Cornish Pirates, but says that with Albion on the rise it is the right place to be.

“It’s lovely to be back,” said Jack. “It sounds cliché, but there is something special about running out in front of a home crowd and having a real home emphasis on playing there and being part of the system. It will be good to get back there.

“I know mum and dad are keen to get me back home and get me back playing there. It will be nice to be out and with the crowds getting bigger and the rugby getting better, it is a brilliant place to be at the minute.

“I had a really good time here before. I came up for the last part of my time at Ivybridge College. Then I was on loan for three years from Chiefs on the dual-register system. I had a brilliant time at Plymouth.

“Obviously, we had a few rough games and that rough season when they got relegated, but the lads there and the coaches and the whole system has always been really good there and I am looking forward to getting back in there and being part of it again.”

Jack, who is 23-years-old, speaks fondly of his time spent at Albion and says that he still knows some of the players and he is looking forward to meeting those he doesn’t.

“Tom Cowan-Dickie, Herbie Stupple and Dan Pullinger,” says Jack of the players he knows. “There are a couple of lads there that I know and then a few from the years past and just from being local and knowing a few boys so I know a couple of the lads anyway. It will be good to get back and hopefully I will make a few new friends and meet a few familiar faces.

“Personal aims I haven’t really thought about. It’s just more about enjoying rugby and doing the best we can do with Plymouth now. They are in such a strong position this year and hopefully that will carry on into next year. The possibilities could be endless then for Plymouth if they keep progressing the way they are going.

“It is always in the back of your mind when your home club comes back and you have got history there and you have played there and you know the system and the set up. It’s always in the back of your mind that it would be a lovely place to go.”

Jack was persuaded to return to Brickfields, in part, by Player/Coach Kieran Hallett, who knows Jack from his time at Pirates. Jack says that he is a good friend, but also appreciated Kieran’s plans at Albion and lauded him as a dedicated professional.

“I know Kieran from down at the Pirates,” said Jack. “After having a really good chat with him about his aims and his vision on where they want to go – it is definitely the right place to be at the minute; the future is looking bright for Plymouth and hopefully it will continue that way.

“I played with him last year at the Pirates and he is a great bloke on and off the field. You can have a good laugh with him but when it is time to go he is very dedicated and very switched on, so I am going to look forward to being under him in a player/coach role and hopefully we can have a good laugh doing it.

“He is fantastic, you can talk to him on such a personal level, which I think is good for a coach and also having him as a mate as well. You won’t have any problems speaking to him and voicing your mind and your opinions and I know he will be more than happy to get advice on board and get going.”

Albion’s new signing acknowledged the hard work that Cornish Pirates had put in with him and thanked them for everything that they had done.

“I’d like to thank the Pirates for the time I have had with them over the last couple of seasons and all the work that they have put in; it is really appreciated. I will be sad to leave the Mennaye ‘cause it is lovely being down here with the sun but coming home is where we are going to be and where we are going to be enjoying it all.”