Gott In

Kieran Hallett Player Coach of Plymouth Albion congratulates Plymouth players after the RFU National League One match between Macclesfield RUFC and Plymouth Albion on Saturday 1st April 2017 at Priory Park, Macclesfield - Photo: Paul Thompson/PPAUK

By Haden Tye

Kieran Hallett has signed Jordan Gott from St Ives to bolster his side for next year and after several training sessions with Albion Jordan says that the players are the friendliest bunch of lads he has been with.

Jordan had been training with the Cornish Pirates since last August whilst playing for St Ives, but after a short spell of training sessions with Albion he did enough to impress Kieran Hallett and earn himself a contract for next season.

The 22-year-old as of last week, is Kieran’s second new signing for next season. Jordan follows Jack Arnott to Brickfields and fits the criteria for the ambitious young side that Kieran is trying to craft for next season.

“It’s probably the friendliest bunch of lads I have been with,” said Jordan. “I had only been there a week or so and all the lads were coming up and chatting and I didn’t feel like the odd one out. It’s a nice friendly club, Kieran came and introduced himself and he was nice. James Earp knows my St. Ives coach so I had a good chat with him.

“The sessions have been good. The boys have helped me out a lot. Obviously stepping in at full-back I don’t know most of the moves or the calls, but Dean, Robin and the boys like that have been helping me out a lot. Now I am getting there and finding it alright.  Kieran is helping me a lot, telling me the structure, but it is quite a similar structure to how Pirates play so I sort of know roughly what I am doing. It has been good so far, they have been a good bunch of boys.

“For me it’s hopefully my first full season at a decent level,” Jordan said. “I just want to play as much rugby as I can, I want to learn as much as I can. I have learned a lot this season playing at a lower level and it will be nice to see what I can do at a high level. I just want to play as much as I can. I am not fussed what position. If that’s full-back, 10, wing or centre, I just want to run around with a ball really.

“I moved down from Portsmouth in August to train full-time with the Pirates. I trained with them throughout the season up until the last few weeks of the season, and I was playing my rugby at St Ives. I spoke to Gavin Cattle about the next season coming up and what the deal was and again it was a no money sort of contract with Pirates.

“So I went out looking for a club and I weighed up either Redruth or Plymouth. A couple of my mates have played for Plymouth so I got Gavin to message Kieran Hallett and Kieran called me and I came down for a training session and he asked me to carry on training so I trained for five or six weeks and then Kieran said he was happy to have me.”

Jordan has crossed paths with several of the Albion players during his time in the game and that has helped him integrate into the group of players. Albion’s new man is hoping to get lots of game time next season and is more than happy to play a variety of positions in order for this to happen.

“I know George Mills,” Jordan said. “I played sevens with him years ago. I was a young pup. We played for North Wales Exiles. I know Jack Arnott who has just signed and I know Todd Prisk really well. I am really good friends with his brother so I spend a lot of my time with Todd and I have met Tom Cowan-Dickie a few times.

“[My position] depends on who my coach is. I play a lot of my time at full-back, I feel a lot more comfortable at full-back. But I have played most of my higher level rugby on the wing. I am fairly comfortable at centre and I am more than happy to jump in at 10.

After playing for St Ives last season, the move to Brickfields is a step up in standards for Jordan, but he is confident that he’s got what it takes to match the jump in quality and play for Albion.

“I have played at Ealing when I was 18,” said Jordan. “I played a few pre-season games with them and I have spent a lot of time with their seconds (their development side) so I have played at a good level. Two seasons ago I was playing National Three with the Wild Geese, London Irish and that was a step up again, it was a good level.

“I have then obviously gone down the leagues this season with St Ives but I have learned quite a lot because you don’t have the quick ball and the structure is not quite enough so I find you have to do more at a lower level. I think it will be a step up but I seem to be doing alright in the training sessions and it will just be whether or not I can do that in the games.”