PLAYER Q&A – Jamie Salter

17th March 2021 | Category: General, Players

Once a week we will be doing a Q&A with our players to find out what they have been up to in the various lockdowns and what they are looking forward to when the Rugby is back. Next up Jamie Salter!

What’s been the one thing you have missed about a match day at Brickfields?

‘I think as others have alluded to it is the whole day experience. I miss meeting a couple of the other players for a coffee before the game and then in and around the ground you get to see people you only see on match days. Then there’s little better than celebrating a good win in the marque after over a few drinks with some of the other players and supporters.’

 What is something about away days you didn’t realise you’d miss so much?

‘The bus journeys!! As long as they are and as much as we moan about them, after a long week at work just relaxing and enjoying the boy’s company on the bus playing some cards and having a laugh. And then there is something very special and unique about enjoying a victory on the way home amongst the boys on a bus!!’

How has the team been able to integrate the new additions to the squad in this peculiar time?

‘It’s been odd, and it hasn’t been easy. We have obviously had a few sessions together and some of the new boys have made good impressions and really thrown themselves into the team environment. Hopefully, as the sun comes out and we get back together we can ‘integrate’ a bit more!!’

 What is something you’ve tried/started doing again since the season was cancelled that you didn’t think you had time for?

‘Well annoyingly something that I’ve always enjoyed and got more into has also been stopped recently and that’s golf!! Can’t wait for the 29th to come and hopefully get back into that again’

How have you been able to work on Rugby throughout the varies Lockdowns?

‘I haven’t been able to do a great deal of rugby specific work. My main focus has been getting the old body to move better and ache less so hopefully, that will help the rugby!!’

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