Every Man

Kieran Hallett, Head Coach of Plymouth Albion before the National Division One Match between Plymouth Albion and Ampthill at Brickfields, Plymouth, Devon on April 8 .  - PHOTO: John White/PPAUK

By Haden Tye

Kieran Hallett has blind faith in every single man in his side after Albion’s 7-48 win at Blackheath meant his team have won 12 consecutive games.

Whist Kieran acknowledged that his squad isn’t massive, he praised every single player saying that he would feel confident playing any of them. Amidst Albion’s winning run, Kieran has been able to chop and change his team without any problems.

During Albion’s 7-48 win against Blackheath, Kieran’s side had five different scorers – with multiple scorers a common theme at Brickfields this season, such is the shared reliance within the Albion team.

“We don’t have a lot of depth,” said Kieran. “But I am 100% confident now that anyone I have in my squad currently I can put in and they will do a job for me, which is massively important.

“There is no one that if we have a couple of injuries and we have to put them on the bench that we would be nervous putting into a game – we don’t have anyone in that category. I have full confidence in every single one of those players to beat whoever we are playing at the moment.

“I thought the boys were absolutely outstanding today. I think we went to a different level. I said to them at the end I think it is one of the most complete performances we have had all year. Both sides of the ball we had an intensity and a sharpness about us that has been lacking for a while I think it would be fair to say.

“There were some massive shots going in indeed, all the way to the end. Even though we were 40 odd points up we still had that intent to get off the line and put shots in and not let them score again. It was a fantastic performance.

“I think it is up there,” said Kieran of how he rates it amongst Albion’s performances this season. “Just in the accuracy, we didn’t make a lot of errors. We put a lot of pressure on them defensively and the way we transitioned from our defence into attack, they couldn’t handle it and we scored three or four tries like that.

“We then played sensibly and played in the right areas and exerted pressure. Whereas in previous weeks we have maybe let teams off the hook a bit. We kept our foot on the throttle and really went for them.”

Blackheath took the lead with a converted try in the first two minutes, but Kieran’s young side were unfazed and responded within minutes.

“We don’t normally panic,” said Kieran. “If a team scores that early it doesn’t really mean a whole lot – and fair play it was a good try from them but I think that was the last time they really threatened us. We were pretty comfortable from that point onwards. The boys are always pretty calm and collected and they just went through their processes and it was a very good result.”

With just one game to play away at Cambridge next week, a win would conclude a very impressive end to the season and be win number 13 on the trot for Kieran’s men. Albion’s player/coach says going out with a win would be a fitting conclusion to a successful season.

“That is important,” said Kieran about winning the final game. “We are not looking any further ahead than next week. Next season is a long way off at the moment and I just want these boys to finish what has been a successful season for them on a winning note.”