Chappy Returns


By Haden Tye

Luke Chapman has signed for Albion on a one-year-deal and says that he has unfinished business to complete upon his return to the club.

A young prop who spent last season with the Cornish Pirates, Luke returns to Brickfields with a focused agenda and is excited at the opportunity to work in such an ambitious club and has set his eyes on getting Albion promoted.

“I still stay in touch with a few of the fans,” said Luke. “I’ve seen that there have been good crowds this year. Probably more than Championship crowds to be honest. It will be good to get back out there and be in front of the Brickfields crowd again.

“I played when Plymouth got relegated from the Championship, unfortunately. My time there was really good. I was speaking to Bruce [Priday] and I said that I feel like I have got a lot of unfinished business. I feel like I left something behind that needs to be finished and I am looking forward to getting stuck into it.

“I didn’t manage to get a contract at Pirates, so I was looking around. I looked around the Championship a bit but I was kind of looking for a bit more game time so I spoke to Kieran [Hallett], who I know from Pirates when he was there two years ago. He set me up for a meeting with Bruce Priday and I haven’t looked back since.

“It’s going to be a step down, but what I have heard from players like Dan Pullinger and Tom Cowan-Dickie that it is a club that is going forward and ultimately they want to be in the Championship after next year so we are going to be pushing for promotion this year and hopefully get it.”

Having already spent time at Brickfields and knowing many of the lads, Luke will fit in seamlessly to Kieran’s side and is keen to help Albion push for promotion next year. Luke says he wants to get as much game time as possible and then go from there; but he did wish for Albion to be a Premiership club in five or ten years.

“I am best mates with Dan Pullinger,” said Luke. “I also know a few of the Cornish lads. I went to college with Robin Wedlake and I know Matt Shepherd from Cornwall. I know quite a few of the players. Herbie Stupple was at Albion when I was there and Jack Arnott has just signed and I was played with him last year. It will be good to be back out there with the boys.

“Every player wants to be in the Premiership, but I just want to be playing every week and playing as much as I can really and find some form and then whatever happens happens. But speaking to Bruce, it seems like an ambitious club so it is where I want to be to be honest. I want to be doing stuff that is good for me and good for the club and hopefully in five or ten years time we will be in the Premiership.”